It’s all about the food.

When I was younger I had an apartment on 17th Street between 3rd Avenue and Irving Place. It was a tiny studio with 2 windows: one in the bathroom and one in the living  space. Both looked out onto an air shaft and there wasn’t much light. It was my first apartment of my adult life and the dog and I were pretty comfortable there. My Mom would come visit from her place in Brooklyn Heights. Every time she came she brought a shopping bag filled with food. I thanked her for that once but she looked at me and said,”I’m not bringing this for you. Its for me. You have nothing in your place to eat and I get hungry.” My Mom was right. I never had anything in my fridge except for coffee, milk, a can of tuna and leftovers from my most recent take-out meal. And so it goes.

We have been in the apartment since the beginning of March and there is not much more in the fridge besides half a dozen eggs, bottled water, some assorted leftovers, half and half, ice cream and coffee. Not one to break with tradition, I have been eating out for pretty much every meal since we got the keys. Honestly, after making dinner at home almost every night for the past however many years, I am appreciating being in the apartment and not having to cook.

There is no shortage of restaurants in our neighborhood and I am pretty sure that if I ate out for every meal for the next 3 months, I would barely be scratching the surface of the many places there are to eat in the surrounding neighborhoods. The options are endless and I’ve planning on visiting almost every one.


So far, my some of favorite spots include Baohaus which serves up a pretty mean Pork Bun, T-Swirl Crepes which features both sweet and savory crepes, Hane with it’s lovely sushi selection, Raclette for it’s melted cheesey goodness and Big Gay Ice Cream with it’s soft serve selections.

Of course that’s a very short list and I’d also like to mention that we’ve eaten at the following places:

B-Cup Café
Tree Bistro
Asiam Thai
Sao Mai

I have been reviewing most of my eating experiences on TripAdvisor (I have some serious catching up to do) and if you are interested you can read my reviews here.


I try to keep busy when I’m at the apartment. My opinion is that I can sit on my butt in front of my computer when I’m in Connecticut and have Not Much To Do. It’s pretty thrilling to say “Let’s go out for coffee” and then walk across the street or down the block and be able to choose where to get coffee, what kind of coffee to get or even decide that I don’t want coffee at all and get tea. I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s thrilling to be able to walk somewhere. ANYWHERE. Which when you live in a small town in Connecticut is not an option. Unless you want to get hit by a car. Or walk in the woods and pick up ticks. Or drive somewhere to walk where you won’t get hit by a car. But I digress.

As you must have noticed, there are plenty of places to get food and I have been doing my fair share of walking to almost every one of them. My mouth and my tummy are happy and on the flip side, so is my Fitness App on my phone.

Then there was the one night when my daughter and I were just too tired to go out. We had both come back from a long day of doing things and going places and walking to a restaurant was not going to happen. Now what?

“Why don’t we try Grub Hub?” my brilliant daughter suggests.

Who would have thought? Getting dinner delivered in New York City. What a concept.
In our town in Connecticut we couldn’t get pizza delivered until about 2013. I bet you think I’m kidding about that but I’m not. The only reason that our local pizzeria started delivering at all was because another pizza placed opened up in the neighborhood and they started delivering. In order to stay in business our pizza guy had to own up and start delivering, too.

But we are in our New York City apartment now and a whole city of restaurants is just a point and click away from delivering our favorite foods. I let my daughter take care of the details — signing us up for an account and perusing the multitude of food options. We finally settle on Ramen and I find a Ramen place that I had seen online while looking for a place for dinner one night. We choose our dinner and get $7 off for our first order. Now we wait. And soon enough, dinner is at our door. We set our food on the table and feast.

I may be just a part-time New Yorker but it’s definitely the good part.




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