Pinch me. I’m dreaming that I have an apartment in New York.

Another weekend in the city. The apartment is starting to look and feel more like a home. We are adding to the furniture bit by bit instead of rushing to fill in the empty spaces. I am crossing my fingers that the really cool dining room set with the 4 red leather chairs and the glass table is still at the Vintage Thrift store on 3rd Avenue. I’d buy it in a minute if I could figure out how to get it here without paying as much to transport it as it costs to purchase. There are lamps in the bedroom purchased at the local ACE Hardware, and rugs from a recent sale at West Elm on the floor. Soon we will have pictures on the walls and when the weather gets a little warmer I will paint a couple of accent walls.


My son came in with my daughter and I on Friday to help me collect some packages and get them up to the apartment. He’s official now with a visitor pass and a key of his own. While Clare is happy enough to join me when I come in, Nick is planning on a few days on his own. He really needs to get a regular job that will allow him to pay his own rent and get a place of his own.  I remind both my kids regularly that this is my husband’s and my apartment. They are welcome to visit and  stay as long as they like but they aren’t on the lease and they can’t move in.  This apartment is my dream. You should see the eye rolls when I mention that fact yet one more time. I am discovering that I don’t share well.


I have this idea when I get in to the city that I am required to do something  when I get in. You know what I mean — go somewhere. Take pictures. Get out of the apartment. But some days that just doesn’t happen. We got up early to get to the train to Grand Central, we got to the apartment mid morning and took care of the packages — 2 rugs and a tv stand. We got lunch. We moved some furniture and placed the rugs and the tv stand. Nick’s friend who lives on 3oth and 1st came by for a visit before the two of them headed out and about. And that ended the productive portion of my day. I am pretty sure the rest of the day included a nap, some time on FaceBook and an order from Grub Hub for dinner and a Netflix movie for my daughter and me.


My daughter had her last SVA Pre-College class and critique at 1 PM the next day so we headed out on a rainy and cold Saturday to try and fit the Fairy Tale Fashion exhibit at The Museum at FIT in before she had to get to class. Luckily her class was just a few blocks away from FIT. Did I mention that I went to FIT for Textile Design back in the 80s? It was my second attempt at college. The first one straight out of high school didn’t work as well as I had planned so I took a break. I spent 3 years working on a two year degree but the first two years were part time at night while I was working during the day. I’d have my AA in Textile Design if it wasn’t for the fact that after 3 years of regular visits to the advisors office to make sure I was taking all the classes I needed to graduate when I went to the office to pick up my degree they looked me in the eye and told me I was missing 3 credits. It seems that they weren’t honoring my AP English Comp class from High School.  I walked out with my portfolio and my pride and didn’t look back. Well, there’s a little tidbit about me almost no one knows. But I digress.


I’m so glad we made the effort to see this exhibit before it closes on 16 April. If you are anywhere near it, stop in before it’s gone. Did I mention it’s free? It’s one of those hidden NY gems. I’m posting some of the pictures I took there, I hope you like them.


I dropped Clare off at her class and made my way back to the apartment slowly in the rain. I stopped in to a few stores and was cold and wet when I finally got home.  That was about all of the nasty weather I wanted to deal with so it was another night in with a delivery for dinner.

Have you noticed that I haven’t cooked anything at the apartment yet?







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